Shipping costs & delivery

After you have placed your order, we will fulfill it within 1-3 business days (except for saturday). When we are ready, your order will be sent on the following day (except for saturday/sunday). In exceptional cases - like when there is a strong demand for a particular product - we may have to extend the processing time for up to five business days.



Delivery time

United States


3-5 business days



3-5 business days



10-20 business days

Latin America


7-14 business days

As the delivery date is depending on various factors, Medifino cannot guarantee an exact delivery date. The times indicated are referencial.

Please check your informations carefully before placing an order. When informations are incorrect or missing, it may take some time to detect these errors, which will negatively affect the delivery time.

Also, delays can occur at the customs. For example, the customs authorities can request additional documents or take time for processing the parcel.

As soon as you’ve got the delivery notification, your personal informations cannot be altered or revised. Starting with this moment you will have to cancel the refund or compensation.

Your local postal/dispatch service will deliver the order to your address. In most cases, your normal post is in charge, so you should get the parcel by mail. If you cannot be found at your provided address, the courier will leave a message indicating the pickup location as well as the exact pickup process.